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- Let's strive for quality, not quantity.

- Before posting a reply or a new topic on a thread, please stop and ask yourself: "Is this something that the entire Risulinnan pesueet - Risulinna Nesting and Breeding forum community needs to read?"

- If it is, go ahead and post it. If it isn't, please don't post it.

- If it's something meant for an individual member or just a few members, please send a Private Message (PM) or an email directly to the member(s).

- Please be mindful of previous posts and try to "read up" before posting comments or photos that are redundant.

- Opinions are welcome, as is information gained from another source.

- Exchanging ideas and concerns are encouraged, but pointing fingers at others and drawing conclusions not based on fact are not OK. Failure to observe these basic guidelines may result in a forum administrator or moderator editing or deleting your post.

- If you are using information from another source, please provide full accreditation.