Honey Buzzard Lasse - Winter 2010 - 2011


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Lasse stays still same area. Last location point is 130 on 8th April.


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:smilie_wet_150: Spring migration 2011
18 April

Lasse’s spring migration started today! At 07.29 UTC he was still in the same area in which he has stayed for the last few weeks. At 09.09 he had traveled 14 km northwards, and at 11.15 he was still continuing his flight, now 50 km away from the starting point. The nearest weeks will be very exciting, because Lasse has started the very dangerous journey back to the breeding grounds, but also because the battery of the transmitter is running out at any moment. We can only hope that Lasse will survive and that we can still have a chance to follow his way back to Finland.

Text: Jari Valkama | Edited 2011-04-19 | © Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki
Source: http://www.luomus.fi/english/zoology/sa ... rd/#footer

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:smilie_wet_150: Lasse is back in his nesting area, western Finland! :fi:

17 May

Lasse had reached his nest in Kokemäki, western Finland! Most probably he had arrived there already on 15 May. Thus, his spring migration took exactly four weeks, during which he traveled around 7,000 kilometres. This corresponds to approximately 250 kilometres per day.

Text: Jari Valkama | Edited 2011-05-18 | © Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki
Read A full description of the migration journey!

I would like to thank Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki and Jari Valkama there,
this wonderful opportunity to follow the very interesting migration of Lasse Honey Buzzard.
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Good to see he got home safe Annie :greenstars: :greenstars: , a few have been seen in the UK in the week or so , though they are very rare here

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